Cyber Protection Shaped for Law

In court, in the office, on the move, at home

keeping your client data secure everywhere

The legal world is built on reputation. The need to protect client data has never been greater or more urgent, and our specialised teams have the legal sector expertise to help you do so.

Detect in minutes not months

A proactive and fast response is critical in minimising the financial and reputational impact of a cyber-attack. CTS anticipates any potential threat to your systems rather than reacting once the damage is done, reducing the vital response time to hours and minutes.

Never lose access

Our specialist staff have access to world-leading threat intelligence and analytical technology, empowering your IT team with the knowledge to manage service outages and prevent your users from losing access.

Measure your cyber threat response time with a stopwatch not a calendar. For the legal sector, speed is critical.

Dealing with highly sensitive information can make you a target for cyber criminals, who are on the lookout for vulnerabilities every minute of every day. The risks of a breach are very serious and very real. CTS manage and protect your data at every stage of the security lifecycle.

  • Working in partnership to achieve compliance

    CTS start out already understanding your unique auditing and compliance requirements, covering a range of specialised and accredited services such as GDPR, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials PLUS, to ensure you achieve your objectives.

  • Exceeding the expectations of your clients

    61% of large law firms say they are seeing an increase in the number of clients performing security audits on them. So whether it’s winning new business, securing a panel spot or achieving a competitive advantage, our specialist advisors are here to guide you.

  • Empowering your staff to understand their security impact

    As your cyber security partner, we will use our knowledge of the legal sector, technology and specialist software to educate your staff on best practice security methods and recognising potential threats in the workplace.

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Our range of services

With the right strategy in place, our legal clients can ensure continued success with a solution that is exclusively and expertly designed for them. Our services include:

  • Detection and Response
  • Employee Security Awareness Training
  • Cyber Essentials Consultancy
  • Email Security
  • Secure Desktop
  • Network Security
"There is always work to be done around security and awareness to prevent something bad from happening. CTS adds another layer of credibility to our information security position."

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